Mauli Ola Mālamalama

Administered by Papa Ola Lōkahi

Mauli Ola Mālamalama is the Workforce Department of Papa Ola Lōkahi whose purpose is to support and facilitate the continued development of Native Hawaiian Health professionals to increase the economic prosperity for the Native Hawaiian community.

Support Programs

Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship

Addresses access to health care by developing a Native Hawaiian health care workforce of professionals committed to serve the unique health needs of Hawaiian communities.

Scholars will receive funding for tuition, books, other related educational costs, and a monthly stipend while enrolled full-time in an accredited university/college Health Profession program.

Eligible Health Professions (May change every year): 

  • Clinical Psychology (PhD or PsyD)
  • Dentistry (DDS or DMD)
  • Dental Hygiene (BSDH or ASDH)
  • Dietetics/Nutrition (MSDD)
  • Nursing, Nurse-Midwifery and Nurse Practitioners (DNP, MSN, NM or NP, BSN, ADN)
  • Primary Care & Ophthalmology Physician (MD or DO)
  • Physician Assistant (MSPA)
  • Social Work (MSW)
Should you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to email the NHHSP program at

Kako'o Ulu 'Oihana

The Kako'o Ulu 'Oihana program provides a one time support for members of the health care workforce that are committed to serving Native Hawaiian communities.

Awardees will receive funding for support that may include, but is not limited to, books, supplies, prep course, certifications, and licensure.

Eligibility (meet one of the following):

  • Student *
  • Early/Mid-Career
  • Native Hawaiian Ancestry
  • Individuals serving Native Hawaiians or work for a Native Hawaiian Organization

* - Students need to be in a health-related program and are in good academic standing. Minimum GPA for Undergraduate (2.0) and Graduate-level (3.0)

Should you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to email the KUO program at